The First Recording of "Hypocrite"

The First Recording of "Hypocrite"

Zach Wirchak on Nov 15th 2019

Way back in the day when we wrote Hypocrite, we were beyond stoked about it, (As most bands are about freshly written material).

I figured it'd be cool to multi track us running it at rehearsal. So I brought over a laptop with Cubase, grabbed an 8 channel audio interface, ran a mic to each guitar rig, bass, vocals and then kick, snare and overheads… and boom, just like that, a live to tape version of the song!

We stuck a Canon 7d mk ii in the corner so we had something to mate the audio with once I did a quick mix on in, (a pathetic Zach of 2015/16 mix that is).

Below is what we ended up with! Still one of our best performing songs on streaming and one of the more fun songs to play live!