Making of the Castaway Music Video

Making of the Castaway Music Video

Zach Wirchak on Apr 6th 2020

Small space, green screen, a few lights, a playback speaker and a camera.  What else do you need to make a music video?  Oh yeah, a band!

Our jam space doubles as many things including a sound stage for EGR music videos. Grab the gaff tape and lets hang a $20 Amazon green screen! A few hours of setup, filming and editing, and we had the first music video for our Sirens Call EP.

I've always wanted to put together a music video that used heavy overlays (the footage that can be seen on top of us in the music video). So I figured, "what better song to use it on than our first single off our new EP!"  Myself and the band was pretty happy with the way it turned out for a home grown music video on a Saturday afternoon.

If you haven't had the chance to watch it, here it is... ENJOY!