Where in the World Do You Find Inspiration?

Where in the World Do You Find Inspiration?

Caitlin Rose on Dec 11th 2019

Being in EGR has been one of the best experiences of my life. I have been so lucky to call this band family for 6 years. Throughout this period I have continually been looking for inspiration. It can happen in the unlikliest of places. Perhaps that is why I love to travel so much. Exploring all the corners of this Earth is a humbling and eye-opening experience that I would encourage anyone to take. Even if that means right in your own backyard.  Viewing people and places from a different perspective.

Most recently I was in Hollywood at the Getty Museum and met a young Jazz singer with the most gorgeous soulful voice. As we gazed at impressionist and early European paintings we discussed song writing,adding runs into songs, and our experiences in the music industry to date. Lean into the unexpected!

I wonder what this will inspire as we kick off a new round of songs..

2020 is sure to provide!

Where do you find inspiration?